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At the time I made the first “Shiba – blanket” for our family and shortly after that one as a gift to my dear Shiba friend, I did not think that I would make them for sale. However ones I made a picture of the soft puppies enjoying their day one our own blanket, I got immediately  many inquiries and orders from people wanting a blanket for them selves, their friends and or their Shibas.

Inari is very curious and likes to help me always as I make something, cut fabrics or arrange Shiba patterns to the blankets or other items. In the same way as many Shibas look really proud as getting a blanket with a Shiba design, Inari seems very happy as I make them. As I have received pictures of my customers and especially their Shibas with their new blankets, they really seem to understand and value, that they got blankets with their own pictures.

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